Tuesday, March 20, 2012


40 weeks

This is Becca at the ward Christmas Party on her due date the 10th. Men were horrified I let her be I knew she was trying to put herself in labor and she can certainly lift a table.

Took Becca to the Dr. She was not looking forward to this appointment. In fact she had hoped never to make it to this point. She is now 2 days past due. However our Roman apparently had other plans. It was already a very long and painful weekend. Sam ran away from the home where he was visiting a lady friend for (stud service). So Taylor and Shawn have been up most of the night scouring Salt Lake County for our dog. There are endless tears at our house. Becca announced that as soon as her appointment was over she wanted to go to Salt Lake to to help look. I was flabbergasted. she is rediculously pregnant and not going to wander the streets in December. She is also rediculously stubborn and rediculously soft hearted a bad combination for me to over come. Doctor Heather checked her and she was barely dialated to a one. There was no way Roman was coming so she set up another stress test for thursday. THEN they checked her blood pressure. Based on dog and baby it was through the roof. So she checked it again and then she said the magic words. You guys head to the hospital and lets get you started. We were both shocked and now Becca was crying because she couldnt go look for Sam if we did that. Heather said well I m not suggesting Im telling you you have to go to the hospital.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Week 38 Monday 28th Nov

This would be Becca curseing for a number of reasons. 1) Why do I always have a camera

2) Why wont this baby come 3) Why cant I sleep in any position for more than 45 minutes!

She told Doctor Heather that she would bribe her with a cherry pepsi to get things goin today. But no luck. The result is Becca has read about accupressure and had Gabby squeezing her ankles in hopes of starting contractions. She is drinking some nasty herbal medicine she researched that is suppose to induce labor. Lastly she put on her once large now to small coat and her boots of course and left for temple square to see the lights with friends. Today is the 3rd we officially should be to the last week!! She is ready to be a mom, Kate is anxious to be an Aunt and Im carefully choosing my name maybe me ma, ya ya , nana or oma.

Nov 28th Our family Christmas Event

I went to the doctor with Becca this morning. No baby coming today or anytime real soon. He had grown nearly 3 1/2 centimeters. Everyone hurried home from work, school and other appointments so we could have our Christmas outting to have a nice dinner and get the tree. Usually we see a play or something as well but not tonight. Kate insists that Roman is the big event tonight and she has had dreaqms that he is coming on the 28thy. So when Bec got home and said I think Im leaking amniotic fluid, we thought we might just have a main event. We went to dinner and made our annual stop at Home Depot for the tree and then Kate went with me to the hospital for Becca to get checked. Beccas doctor called her and said she needed to go so off we went. I think Kaqte was the one a little freaked out when we got there. She looked around that big room and heard the monitor andsaw the baby warmer and siad mu sisters having a baby. Like it was new information. Well not tonight she isnt it was not amniotic fluid so home again we go.

Nov 14 trip 2 to the hospital

I was home today working. Becca has been here on and of allday between appointments. She woke up this morning and had eggnog and a waffle . She knows Roman reasponds to sugar . Then she lays on the couch and watches him kick. She has been concerned that he is not moving as much. My sister Jen just went threw a misscarriage it was heart breaking and unnerving. I think that was looming in th eback of her mind. How a woman really is not in control of whats going on inside of her. You can eat well exercise and love with all that you have and still things can go wrong. So at about 5pm Becca said mom hes not moving enough I want to go to the hospital. I drove her there why she looked out the window into the darkening sky , brushing away the tears that fell. She said "Mom I will never forgive myself if something happens to my baby." That was a priceless moment for me. She is a mother. I had to tell her a most painful truth about parenting. We cant fix everything. If our desire wer enough all children would be strong healthy never fall of the monkey bars, or get teased at school.

The nurse placed the monitor around her and there he was strong and loud his heart was beating. She was releived and all smiles and I shed my usual tears.

Nov 3, 2011

Becca went to work today and called me very concerned about the pains in her back and contractions she thought she was feeling. I had just finished my 3pm team meeting conveniently in Orem and said I could meet her at the hospital. She was not sure she should go and miss work. I couldnt garuntee her it was nothing. So we met at Labor and delivery at the Timp Hospital. It was the grand opening of the newborn intensive care unit. Balloons were flying, the parking lot was full and people young and old shuffled in to see the building. We followed slowly then Bec started snapping her fingers down by her side . Luckily the nurse spotted her and snatched us out of the crowd asking if we needed some real help. We discovered that the rooms at Timpanogas hospital could hold a family reunion. They checked Becca nd found out she had an infection that was causing the problem. It was a very painful exam and she kept appologizing for crying. I held her hand but honestly I felty pretty helpless. We went home with medicine and a water bottle. The nurse said drink more and she is taking her orders seriously.

37 weeks the mall

We saw the doctor today and all was well . Roman had only grown 1/2 a cm and Becca had gained no week but things were good. So we went to the mall to get some Christmas ideas. Becca loves shoes and this year she seems to love boots even more. Nomatter how pregnant you can find her gasping for breath to zip up a pair of boots.

Bec 36 weeks

In an effort of sillyness Bec and Aunt Kate took some shots that represent the OPPOSITE of how she feels. We can call them light as a feather. I think Becca noticed 2 stretch marks today and she was none to happy about it.