Tuesday, March 20, 2012


40 weeks

This is Becca at the ward Christmas Party on her due date the 10th. Men were horrified I let her be I knew she was trying to put herself in labor and she can certainly lift a table.

Took Becca to the Dr. She was not looking forward to this appointment. In fact she had hoped never to make it to this point. She is now 2 days past due. However our Roman apparently had other plans. It was already a very long and painful weekend. Sam ran away from the home where he was visiting a lady friend for (stud service). So Taylor and Shawn have been up most of the night scouring Salt Lake County for our dog. There are endless tears at our house. Becca announced that as soon as her appointment was over she wanted to go to Salt Lake to to help look. I was flabbergasted. she is rediculously pregnant and not going to wander the streets in December. She is also rediculously stubborn and rediculously soft hearted a bad combination for me to over come. Doctor Heather checked her and she was barely dialated to a one. There was no way Roman was coming so she set up another stress test for thursday. THEN they checked her blood pressure. Based on dog and baby it was through the roof. So she checked it again and then she said the magic words. You guys head to the hospital and lets get you started. We were both shocked and now Becca was crying because she couldnt go look for Sam if we did that. Heather said well I m not suggesting Im telling you you have to go to the hospital.

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  1. Still one of my favorite days, she was so brave and went through so much to bring him here.. All my love and respect to both of for working together for his good.